I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and I finally stopped procrastinating about it and got my blog self-hosted!

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I can’t wait to see you over there!



[Media Invite] MediaCorp Festival of Wheels 2015

Can’t believe it’s been more than 2 weeks since the happening and exciting weekend at MediaCorp Festival of Wheels 2015!

Photo credit: Mediacorp Ooh Media Facebook Page

                Photo credit: Mediacorp Ooh Media Facebook Page

The Singapore Festival of Wheels is an inaugural event organised by MediaCorp OOH Media. The event consists of 2 segments – MediaCorp Rotax Max Singapore Open 2015, a motor-sport league and the first kart-racing competition on the public streets of Singapore, as well as Urban Wheels Challenge, an urban gravity cycling competition.

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[Discount Code + Giveaway] StickerKid Labels & Stickers

Recently, Laurent’s infant care teachers just told us that they are making some changes to his nap and feeding routine so that he can be accustomed to the toddlers’ timetable when he move over to playgroup in 3 months’ time.

It was then that we suddenly realise he has been in infant care for a good 7 months! How time flies…

I was looking at all his bottles and containers which we usually bring to infant care and thought about how excited we were when we were labelling his belongings for his first day of “school”.

Those name labels were definitely showing signs of 7 months worth of washing and steaming. Some of the labels have even fallen off and the teachers had to write his initials in marker 😐

We’ve just received our set of new name labels from StickerKid so I decided to change all the labels for his infant care belonging to the new ones.

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[Giveaway] Little Planet Playland

It’s been a while since Laurent’s last visit to an indoor playground. The last time he went to one, was to attend Amber’s birthday party and as usual, he was all over the ball pit 🙂

Last month, we learnt about a spanking new indoor playground, Little Planet Playland, through Bumble Bee Mum’s review and were so thrilled that Laurent and Emma could have a play date there to try out their facilities!

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Friso Experience More Together – Friso Experiences Play Set

I’ve been bugging Wayne to buy a teepee for me Laurent for the longest time but the very practical daddy says “nay”.

So when Friso wanted to send us the Friso Experiences Play Set, I immediately went “oh-yes-please-do!”

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Happy Anniversary YOOMI!

Happy Children’s Day to all the little ones!

We had a series of activities planned for today but due to some unforeseen circumstances at work, we had to postpone them.

Well, at least we still managed to pop by Yoomi’s booth at Baby Market 2015 in the morning and catch up with Angela before I send Laurent off to spend his Children’s Day at his grandmama’s.

Yoomi was one of the first few products I reviewed when I first started blogging about parenting topics so the brand has always felt special to me 🙂 Laurent was only 2 months when Angela first brought in Yoomi and 1 year on, both of them have grown so much!

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[Homebound] Walk-in Wardrobe Organising and Laundry Care with Method

I’m back to share with you guys another part of our home!

This is the space which we deliberated about for the longest time during our renovation process. And it’s not because we had the typical wife’s-dream-closet-but-husband’s-nightmare kind of debate. In fact, I think Wayne was the one who was more certain we needed the space.

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Laurent’s Le Petit Prince Themed 1st Birthday Party

OK, I’m just SLIGHTLY late in posting about Laurent’s birthday party. SLIGHTLY more than 2 month to be exact 😐

And I’m pretty impressed by myself that I managed to keep his birthday photos under wraps until now! I was a little too busy the past months with activities, events, some personal projects and some family matters.

Oh well, better late than never right? 😀

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[Review] Biotherm NEW Blue Therapy Accelerated

I’ve always had combination skin, until my pregnancy.

I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t get myself hydrated enough or was it due to hormonal changes, my skin became rather dry. That was when I started to focus mainly on using hydration products for my skin to keep it supple and moisturised.

To be honest, I didn’t really think that it was necessary for me to start taking care of my skin elasticity in my late twenties.

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[Media Invite] Breakfast Session at Kakis Bistro & Bar

We used to stay in the East before shifting to our current place and one thing I really miss about being in the East, is the easy access to all the wonderful makan places!

Easties, you can now rejoice further because there is a new weekend breakfast option at your convenience!

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